Safe at Home

At Rebuilding Together, we believe that older adults should be able to remain safe, healthy and independent in their own homes and communities. According to AARP, nearly 90% of older adults would prefer to stay in their current homes as long as possible. Aging in place is also widely understood to be more cost-effective than nursing homes and assisted living facili­ties.

Yet most of the existing housing stock in the United States is not designed to accommodate the physical and cognitive changes that come with age. Paying for home modifi­cations is often a financial burden for older adults living on fixed, limited incomes – particularly the lowest-in­come seniors – who tend to have higher rates of disability and live in older houses. Our Safe at Home program incorporates several key elements, including:

* Falls reduction interventions that minimize the risk of falls in the home

* Home modifications that address the safety and quality of life for the residents

* Fire prevention strategies that reduce the risk of home fires

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